ECNF response to Northstone Consultation

Following on from our January article describing the exploratory work that Northstone were carrying out on behalf of Peel Land and Property at the northern end of Edenfield near to Blackburn Road, Northstone have submitted their own “pre-application consultation” before they submit plans to Rossendale Council for development in Edenfield.

In common with the plan submitted by Taylor Wimpey last year, this consultation has been produced in isolation without discussion with other landowners and potential developers. ECNF has objected to this consultation as summarised below.

  • A comprehensive masterplan for the entire site has not been agreed, which goes against policy and democracy.
  • An agreed programme of implementation is essential for a site as large as H66.
  • A holistic Transport Assessment is crucial, this has not been completed.
    Recent comments by LCC Highways stress the need for a comprehensive transport assessment.
  • An agreed Design Code is necessary before considering a planning application.
  • Developing former green belt land by proposing a car park and other facilities in the remaining green belt is wrong.
  • Many questions remain unanswered about the proposed car park, drop-off facilities, recreation space and trails.
  • It is unclear how sustainable drainage of the housing site will be achieved.
  • It is unclear what improvements will be made in the remaining Green Belt to compensate for the proposed development on former Green Belt land.
  • The consultation is vague about the number of dwellings proposed.
  • The effects of piling are not addressed.
  • There is no commitment to significant biodiversity gain, as required by the Environment Act 2021.
  • No information is provided about possible measures to attenuate noise from the A56.
  • While there has been extensive consultation with residents, there are concerns about developers working in isolation to their own agendas.

You can read the ECNF response to Northstone’s consultation here, or (if supported by your browser) in the frame below.

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