Support Our Objection… Again!

Taylor Wimpey has (again) resubmitted their Master Plan for large-scale housing development in Edenfield. They originally submitted this in 2022, resubmitted it in July and have just done it again!

There have been some minor alterations to the original documents but Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) are of the view that this plan should be rejected again for the following reasons: –

In summary:

  • The proposed site plan still lacks a comprehensive masterplan, approved by RBC and all developers.
  • Traffic, pedestrian safety, and cycling concerns persist, especially with the new junctions in Edenfield.
  • There’s still no site-wide traffic or road safety assessment.
  • The infrastructure needs, including schools and healthcare, remain unaddressed.
  • The design codes of the Neighbourhood Plan and landscaping are given minimal consideration.
  • Local businesses and residents will be adversely impacted by the proposed parking restrictions.
  • Greenbelt release for school, play area, and car park isn’t aligned with the RBC Local Plan and would cause environmental and safety issues.

It is important that ECNF can demonstrate that their objection has wide popular support.


Ideally, submit your own objection to the Masterplan and Taylor Wimpey’s Planning Application by the deadline on 6th November 2023 (For details on how to object see our “How to Object Page“)

Or alternatively complete the form below, so that we can register your objection. We need your address as well as the names of all occupants aged 18 or over who’d like to object.