Support Our Objection

Rossendale Borough Council (RBC) are currently consulting on a Market Street Masterplan and Taylor Wimpey’s Planning Application 2022/0451 for Edenfield.

Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) are of the view that they should both be rejected for the following reasons: –

  • Neither the Masterplan/Design Code or Planning application meet the requirements of the RBC Local Plan
  • The Masterplan does not include the whole site as all developers are not represented
  • Concerns over the phasing/how the development will be built have not been adequately addressed
  • There is no comprehensive traffic assessment for the whole of Edenfield
  • The road infra structure required for development of the whole site is not adequately addressed
  • The Design Code produced by ECNF with support of RBC has not been considered
  • The scale, density and character of the development is not in keeping with the village
  • Concerns on ecology, drainage and flood risk are not adequately addressed
  • There is no detail on the provision of local services required to supplement the development
  • Sufficient school places to support the development are not adequately addressed
  • Concerns regarding the environmental impact are not adequately addressed

It is important that ECNF can demonstrate that their objection has wide popular support.


Ideally, submit your own objection to the Masterplan and Taylor Wimpey’s Planning Application by the deadline on Tuesday 17th January 2023 (For details on how to object see our “How to Object Page“)


Support the objection by ECNF by either completing the objection form that is being posted to all residents this weekend, tearing off the slip below and posting through the letter boxes of either 123 Market Street or 2 Highfield Road, Edenfield no later than Sunday 15th January 2023

Or alternatively complete the form below, so that we can register your objection. We need your address as well as the names of all occupants aged 18 or over who’d like to object.