ECNF design code

Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum is a group of people who work together to develop a plan for their community. This can include identifying priorities and goals for the neighbourhood, determining how to address issues and concerns, and working with local government officials to implement the plan. The purpose of a neighbourhood planning forum is to give residents a voice in the decisions that affect their community and to help ensure that the needs and interests of the neighbuorhood are taken into account in the planning process.

In July 2022 ECNF published this design code to provide design guidance for developers. The design code seeks to protect Edenfield’s existing village character, and to strengthen and protect the village setting. It will identify different character areas in the village and provide guidance on the objectives and ambitions of the neighbourhood plan and neighbourhood forum, as discussed in workshop sessions.

Despite sending this design code to the council in July, ECNF is disappointed that Taylor Wimpey’s planning application submitted to the council in November 2022 ignores many of the aspects of the design code, particularly those which relate to the building materials used and the style and character of the proposed development.

If you’d prefer to download the design code to read offline, you can download a copy below: