AGM – Tuesday 26th March 2024

The fourth AGM of the Neighbourhood Forum will be held on Tuesday 26th March at 7.45pm in the Edenfield Community Centre. The Notice of Meeting, Agenda, 2023 Meeting minutes, Treasurer’s Report and Accounts and Activity Report have been sent to members.

We will again be inviting non-members to the meeting which will be an opportunity to explain what the Forum has been doing and answer any questions. It will hopefully get increased support for our future work and lead to more residents joining the Forum.

We hope that you can attend and please encourage any non-members to also attend. There are vacancies on the Management Committee so please consider if you would like to put your name forward. You can put your name forward even if you are unable to attend the meeting. If you want to let us know in advance you can e-mail us at at [email protected]

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