Neighbourhood Plan

The Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) was established in 2018 with one of its aims being to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Edenfield.

The Regulation 14 consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2036 was held in March/April 2023. Following the consultation ECNF considered all comments received from residents, statutory consultees and others as well as any changes to planning regulations and guidelines. The Plan has now been updated where appropriate and has been submitted to Rossendale Borough Council.

The Council will check that the necessary documentation has been provided before engaging in a six week public consultation known as the Regulation 16 consultation. It is anticipated that this consultation will begin in May 2024. During the consultation the draft Plan and all associated information will be posted on the Council’s website. This documentation will be simultaneously posted on this ECNF website.

The Plan and comments received during the consultation will be reviewed by an independent Examiner whose report may request further changes. The final version will be put to a referendum of Edenfield residents. If the referendum results in the Plan being adopted it will be used by the Council when considering planning applications relating to the village.