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Masterplan and Taylor Wimpey (TW) Planning Application 2022/0451 Consultation Now Over

Firstly a massive thank you to all who supported the ECNF objection to the Masterplan and planning application

ECNF’s objections submitted to Rossendale Borough Council (RBC) are available via the following links on the website and include:-

Thanks to those who donated to support the objection, the donations meant that ECNF were able to afford the specialised traffic assessment, which raises many concerns and objections to the TW assessment. Without the generosity of local residents this would not be possible.

Since the submission ECNF met with RBC and local councillors on the 16th August to explain their feedback and seek further clarification regarding next steps in the planning application progress. RBC representatives:-

  • Acknowledged objections received and the concerns of both ECNF and local residents
  • Advised that they were still waiting feedback from Lancashire County Council Highways and Highways England
  • Confirmed that there would be a survey regarding land stability on the TW site.