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Rossendale Borough Council are once again consulting on a revised Edenfield
Masterplan/Design Code (ref Version 4 or V4) for site H66
see www.rossendale.gov.uk/edenfieldmasterplan
Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) is of the view that this should be
rejected as many of the previous concerns that we raised have still not been addressed. There’s more information in our leaflet which is being delivered throughout Edenfield over the next few days.


Our key objections are outlined in the leaflet and relate to:

  • Traffic and pedestrian safety concerns.
  • Phasing of building works.
  • Lack of supporting infrastructure (especially school places and healthcare).
  • ECNF design code has not been adequately considered.
  • Cramped development with limited green spaces.
  • Flood risk and land stability issues.
  • Proposed parking restrictions will have an adverse effect on existing residents.
  • Negative effect on local business in terms of “footfall”.
  • Proposed further release of greenbelt for car parking.

IDEALY SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS by email before 9am on 10th June to
[email protected] (the more personal the comments the better!!)

Alternatively, support our objection by completing the form below:
(Please ask every adulty in your household to add their name or object in person).