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Object Here

As well as encouraging people to formally object via the council website. We’ve created a form so that if you agree with our objection points as described in our recent leaflet, you can object on our website.

If you’d like to support our objection, you can complete the form here:

Consultation Period extended
The consultation period has been extended to 17th January but it is still critical to write your objections. We’ve published advice on how to do this and are sharing information as we receive it via social media and web site articles. A leaflet is being delivered in early January with bullet points to help you with your objection.

Social Media
After we published our “protest song” visits to our website and facebook page soared. So far the video has had over 4000 views on YouTube and our Facebook page!

Hopefully our “not so serious” video message will make council think seriously about the problems that they will cause for Edenfield if they approve the flawed Masterplan and associated planning application. Even if you aren’t a social media user, you can view all of our social media posts in one page on our Social Media “wall”.

Go Fund Me
The Forum has a new “Go Fund Me” page to make it easy to offer support. We’ve made £850 so far, thank you very much to all of you who have supported us financially.

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