December update

It’s been a busy few weeks for the forum and our friends at Edenfield Village Resident’s Association.

We met on Tuesday 6th December to plan our response to the Taylor Wimpey’s flawed Master Plan for Edenfield. We’ve started to formulate our response, but are also very keen for Edenfield residents to add their individual voices to the growing list of objections on the Rossendale Council planning website. Please remember to consider our article “What constitutes a valid planning objection?” and our “General advice when objecting to planning applications” post which we published in early December. There’s also some great advice on the Community Planning Alliance website. Choose the “Resources” menu for advice on their housing campaigns. We also published an interview with their co-founder, Rosie Pearson, which you may find interesting.

Spot the difference!

Almost 3 weeks into the consultation, Rossendale Council published a new version of the Taylor Wimpey Master Plan on their website.

  • Peel Land and Property’s logo was been removed to show that Peel Land and Property did not input into the document

We’re reviewing changes to the Master Plan closely because the file size has changed from 9.7MB to 12.4MB, so we’re keen to know what else has changed.

Kept in the dark?
We found that only 1/5 of households had been informed about the Master Plan consultation by the Council and asked “were you kept in the dark?“, many residents felt that they were and told us so on our Facebook pages.

Our flyer has been going through the letterboxes of Edenfield over the last few days to try and raise awareness of our campaign, please share with your friends and neighbours.

Go Fund Me
The Forum has a new “Go Fund Me” page to make it easy to offer support. We’re aiming to raise £10,000 from residents. We know this is a big “ask” but the developers have deep pockets and the support of the Council.

You can still view interviews with Ian Lord and Dave Rawcliffe on our website by following the images below, we’re just moving them down the site so that we can keep you updated with the latest news.

If you’d like to leave comments for ECNF you can do so below. As Ian described in his interview, we’re also looking for your comments and suggestions as we draw up our objection to these proposals. We’d like to know what concerns you most about the plans and we’d definitely like your help reviewing the planning documents and the Master Plan posted by Rossendale Council on their website.

You can comment below this post or any post on this website; alternatively, interact with us on social media.

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