Consulted or kept in the dark?

The council sent two letters dated 21st November to some Edenfield residents last week. These letters were to inform people who may be affected by the Talyor Wimpey Master Plan for Edenfield and the associated planning application for 238 new houses on the fields to the west of Market Street.

In the meeting of the forum last night we checked the addresses of the households notified of the master plan and associated planning application. We found that despite the fact that the Master Plan affects the whole of Edenfield, the letter notifying residents of the MasterPlan has only been sent to a small proportion of Edenfield residents.

It was difficult to determine exactly who has been missed from the list because the council shared a list of addresses with us in random order, so it is difficult to determine who has received the letter and who has been missed off. We’re looking into this in more detail but what we can tell you is that only 191 households out of 960 in Edenfield appear to have received letters.

Were you informed or kept in the dark?
If you haven’t received a letter making you aware of the “so called” Master Plan consultation, please complain to the council here…
Rossendale Council Complaints

Complaints to the council can be via their online form or by email to [email protected] . Alternatively you can write to the council’s complaints team at this address:
Corporate Support Team
Rossendale Borough Council
Futures Park
OL13 0BB.

In their complaints process the council aims to:

  • Write to you within 24 hours to tell you that your complaint /feedback is being dealt with and who is dealing with it.
  • Send you a full reply within a further 10 working days, or keep you informed of the progress of your complaint/feedback should it take longer than 2 weeks to resolve. This is stage 1 of the process.
  • Provide you with a right to have your case reviewed by a senior manager if you are dissatisfied with the reply you receive or the action taken. This is stage 2 of the process.

Please be aware that the Council offices will be closed from 24th December to 4th January, anything received during this period will be logged and processed once the offices re-open in the New Year. This clearly means that complaints need to get in now because the consultation period for the Master Plan and planning application both close before the council return to work in the New Year.

If they fail to meet the targets that they have set for themselves or ignore the complaint, please let us know and we’ll make a note of it for a potential complaint to the council ombudsman.

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