January 2023 update

Consultations on Taylor Wimpey planning application and Masterplan/Design Code

The consultations on the Masterplan and Design Code for site H66 and for Taylor Wimpey’s planning application for 238 houses on their part of the site ended on 17th January. Over 250 objections to the planning application were submitted to the Council and there were over 770 confirmations of support for the Forum’s objections. This is an excellent response from the village and we thank everybody who submitted their own objections and/or supported the Forum’s objections.

The objections to the Masterplan and Design Code have not yet been published by the Council but we are hopeful that this will have had a similar response.

We would also like to thank all those who made donations to the Forum to fund the cost of engaging professional advisors. So far we have raised over £3,000 of which we spent £1,416 for transport consultants who, as well as liaising with LCC Highways on our behalf, produced  an excellent report which was submitted to the Council with the Forum’s objection. The report can be viewed here: https://edenfieldcommunityforum.uk/transport-planning-report-january-2023/

Peel/Northstone consultation

Northstone is part of Peel L & P and propose to develop the part of site H66 which is owned by Peel. This is most of the northern part of site H66 from Church Lane. They are starting a four-week consultation on their proposals on 1st February which will include a drop-in event at the Community Centre. They will be delivering leaflets to all homes in Edenfield with details so watch out for that. Please note that they have not yet submitted a planning application. This is to let everybody know what they are proposing and get feed-back – similar to the consultation last summer by Taylor Wimpey and Anwyl Land, but hopefully better!

Re-designation of the Forum

The Forum was first designated by the Council on 22nd April 2018 but designations expire after five years so ours will expire on 22nd April 2013. Under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 the Forum needs to be designated to be able to prepare it’s Neighbourhood Plan. See below “What is a Neighbourhood Forum and what can it do?” for more information.

Early this year we applied to the Council for the Forum to be re-designated and on 18th January they started a six week consultation on the application as required by the Act. The Council will take into account any comments received during the consultation when making a decision on the re-designation. The consultation is being publicised by the Council and details can be found on their website: https://www.rossendale.gov.uk/info/210148/local_plan/10813/neighbourhood_plans/3

Any positive comments will be appreciated as it is important that the Forum gets re-designated to be able to carry on it’s work on the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is now at a stage where we are ready to start formal consultation on the latest draft of the Plan which is known as a Regulation 14 consultation. We had originally planned to start this towards the end of last year but postponed due to the two consultations being run at the time by the Council on the Taylor Wimpey proposals. We now plan to start the consultation in February so watch out for information which will be well publicised.

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