Interview with Rosie Pearson

Rosie Pearson is the co-leader of the Community Planning Alliance, a group of around 600 grassroots community planning groups that have come together to lobby the government for change on this subject. Rosie mentioned there are some difficult meetings and treatment she experienced by Council members and Council leaders.

Yesterday she was interviewed on BBC Woman’s Hour and she described her mistreatment by councillors and council leaders as well as some of the tactics that developers use to force through their plans. It’s an interesting interview about the failures of the UK planning system and it it she describes many of the difficulties that we’re facing in Edenfield. It’s an interesting listen for anybody interested in our campaign or anybody how, like Rosie, would like to get involved and help us in our campaign against inappropriate development.

To listen to the podcast, click the image below.

To read a transcript of the interview, please see the PDF below.

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