Meeting with Jake Berry

On 28th November, ECNF met our MP, Jake Berry who reported on our meeting on his Facebook page. For those of you who don’t have FaceBook, this is what he wrote.

I had a useful catch up with the Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum Forum earlier this week about the planned housing development in the village.

Despite a vigorous campaign from residents, supported by myself and many others, the site was removed from the Greenbelt by Rossendale’s Labour Council as part of their ‘local plan’.

The Labour Council say that they are being forced to build house here by the Government. Let me be very clear – that is utter rubbish!

The clue is in the name. It’s a ‘local plan’ drawn up by the ‘local council’. It is up to the Council to decided what local land should be allocated for housing.

The Council did not have to allocate this land in Edenfield for housing. But they took the decision to force through a huge new housing development in Edenfield rather than spreading the allocation across the borough.

The Masterplan for the developments AND the planning application from Taylor Wimpey have now been submitted and there is a short window for residents to have their say about the proposals.

I would urge all residents in Edenfield to follow Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum as the best source of information and advice about how to take part in the consultation before it is too late.

The Planning Application for the Taylor Wimpey Development

(under application number 2022/0451) is here:

The Masterplan for the whole development is here:

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