Do we really want houses like this in Edenfield?

In one of our recent FaceBook posts, we shared some images of the houses that Taylor Wimpey is proposing for Edenfield. Edenfield residents weren’t impressed.

The houses look like clones of houses all over the country and large unsightly retaining walls will be required to stop them slipping down the hillside. They simply aren’t in keeping with Edenfield’s character. As well as this, there are serious questions for this development which remain unanswered relating to site drainage, flooding, traffic congestion, limited public transport options, insufficient school places, doctors, dentists, shops and other amenities.

The 2018 news article from the Rossendale News, reproduced below, shows that it is possible for Rossendale Council to work with developers and develop attractive, desirable homes, in keeping with local needs and in sympathy with their surroundings.

We like you to help us push Rossendale Council towards more small, “award winning” developments, rather than those that they propose for Edenfield. Please object to Taylor Wimpey’s flawed Master Plan for Edenfield and help us to work with the council to set realistic limits on development for Edenfield.

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