Town Planning in 1948

If the government knew all of this common sense when it came to planning in 1948, why is Rossendale Council promoting building on green fields, when as a nation we should be pushing for new towns in sensible locations?

Rather than destroying what we have, we should plan new towns at a national or regional level.

The video below, although dated, shows what councils should be doing now, rather than bulldozing green spaces and “shoe-horning” developments into inappropriate sites.

The Master Plan for Edenfield and the recent planning application for 238 houses (the first of over 400 new homes) planned for Edenfield demonstrate none of the forward thinking from this 1948 film.

We’d urge you to object to the Master Plan and Taylor Wimpey’s Planning application for site H66. We’ve provided guides on how to do this as well as things to avoid when objecting to a planning application.

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