Edenfield Traffic Bottlenecks

We all know that traffic in Edenfield is a problem for residents and those passing through. Not only is Edenfield a preferred route for people avoiding the busy A56 bypass, but we also suffer from a number of traffic bottlenecks.

The junction of Blackburn Road, Burnley Road and Market Street at the North of Edenfield is a frequent traffic bottleneck.

Further South, the mini-roundabout at the junction of Rochdale Road, Bury Road and Market Street is another bottleneck. This is compounded by the poor visibility for drivers entering the village via Bury Road who have little warning of vehicles arriving via Rochdale Road.

Continuing south towards, Bury and Ramsbottom, there is frequently congestion on Bury Road, not helped by the limited parking opportunities for people living on Bury Road, who are forced to double-park on this road.

To try and keep Edenfield residents up to date on congestion, we’ve developed an automated “bot” on Twitter which tweets maps of traffic congestion in and around Edenfield when traffic congestion is spotted. It doesn’t run continuously, but checks traffic congestion very 15 minutes or so and sends a Tweet when roads are congested.

If you’re a Twitter user, please follow @EdenfieldSpeed to keep up to date. If traffic is particularly bad, you may want to tag @RossendaleBC (the council), @LancashireCC (county council), @LancsRoadPolice (Lancashire Police Roads Team) or @HighwaysNWEST (National Highways) urging them to oppose further development in this area.

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