Letter to RBC sent 3rd December 2022

The Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum is outraged by the recent announcement of a consultation on a Masterplan and Design Code for site H66 and the publishing of a planning application by Taylor Wimpey for development of their part of that site. The forum believes that the timing of the consultation, which runs concurrently with the pre-Christmas period, the football World Cup and the Christmas holidays, is a deliberate attempt to prevent effective consultation. The forum also believes that the notification of the start of the consultation process was inadequate and in breach of planning regulations. The forum insists that any planning applications for development on site H66 are not put to consultation until after the masterplan and design code for the entire site is agreed and that the consultation on the masterplan and design code is extended by at least two weeks.

It is disappointing that this letter was in December, over a month after our previous letter to Alyson Barnes, (sent in October) to which we still have not received a reply.

The letter below was sent to Councillor Alyson Barnes, leader of Rossendale Borough Council and Michael Atherton, Head of Planning and Building Control.

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