Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) was established in 2018 with one of its aims being to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Edenfield.

This is the pre-submission draft of the Edenfield Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2036 which sets out a vision and objectives for the future of Edenfield. It has been prepared by ECNF informed by the consultations detailed in the Plan.

This draft Neighbourhood Plan will now be subject to a six-week consultation period (known as the Regulation 14 consultation). All comments received during the consultation period will be considered by ECNF and, where considered appropriate, the Plan will be amended. The amended Plan will then be submitted to Rossendale Borough Council who will ensure that the proper legal process has been followed.

The Council will then publicise the Plan for a six-week period (known as the Regulation 16 consultation) and any comments received during the consultation will then be submitted to an independent Inspector. After approval by the Inspector the Council will arrange for a referendum of the residents of Edenfield. Once approved the Plan will form part of Rossendale’s development plan. Together with other adopted planning policies it will form the legal basis for planning decisions across the Edenfield Neighbourhood Area.

The neighbourhood plan is very important for the future of Edenfield and we’d like you to have your say. The table below contains links to the documents which form our draft Neighbourhood Plan. We’d like you to read these and then complete our feedback form. The form is available as a printed copy at our drop-in events, available to print and complete at home and can be completed online.

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Documents
Neighbourhood Plan (for Consultation)
Appendix 1 – Proposal Map
Appendix 2 – Factbook
Appendix 3 – Design Code
Appendix 4 – Local Green Space Report
Appendix 5 – Locally Important Views Report
Appendix 6 – Consultation Statement
Appendix 7 – Glossary