Did the Council lose your previous objection?

We’ve been contacted by several residents who haven’t been able to find their objections to the combined Masterplan and Planning Application resubmitted by Taylor Wimpey (TW) in June 2023.

The chronology of this application is summarised on the council’s Masterplan for Edenfield page

In summary:

  • November 2022
    TW submitted a Masterplan and Design Code (MDC) for the development of 238 homes on plot of land H66 (West of Market Street). The consultation period was extended into 2023 whilst TW removed misleading information from their document.
  • June 2023
    TW resubmitted their MDC alongside an “improvement plan” for the Market Street corridor.
    The consultation period for this ended in July 2023.
  • September 2023
    TW modified and resubmitted their MDC.
    The consultation period for this ended in November 2023.

When responding to the most recent MDC (September – November 2023), several residents looked on the council website to check the comments that they made during the summer (June-July 2023) and found that their responses were missing.

If you can’t find your objection or comments, we’d urge you to write to the council to make them aware of this. You can contact them Via email at [email protected] or by sending a letter to Forward Planning Team, Rossendale Borough Council, Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB. 

If this affected you, we’d also like to hear. You can comment below, or let us know on our FaceBook page.

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