LCC Highways responses to TW proposals

This page has links to the two responses from LCC Highways department received after Taylor Wimpey submitted their proposals for traffic mitigation in Edenfield.

In summary, most parking on Market Street and Exchange Street will be removed. Limited replacement parking will be provided on the new development, but this isn’t close to the homes of those people affected by the proposal.

LCC Highways Report from February 2023
LCC Highways Report from August 2023

  • LCC Highways have expressed support for both the Market Street and Exchange Street proposals without a full traffic assessment for the whole H66 site 
  • Issues raised in the first report have not been pursued in the follow up report 
  • Compromises have been made re: Market Street junction 
  • LCC support the proposed one-way system for Exchange street – no consideration given to adjoining roads and junctions. Safety concerns for children accessing play area, “rec” and pump track have not been addressed
  • No consideration given to ECNF and resident concerns regarding traffic safety and traffic volume despite numerous objections
  • No apparent consideration of traffic assessment undertaken by ECNF
  • Parking concerns of current residents ignored
  • Proposed compensatory car parking “is not compensatory” as it is “open to all”. Some is proposed to be built on green belt and is too far away from residents homes. Without a phased plan for housing development, how do we even know that the new spaces will be developed before existing Market Street parking is taken away?

Ultimately ECNF feel the lives of road users  and pedestrians are being put at risk in the haste for development – we need to act now and object – the masterplan should not be approved until these issues are fully resolved!!

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