Newsletter – October 2023

Edenfield residents will have received a newsletter over the last few days.

The newsletter can also be read online. (PDF)

Residents are advised to focus their comments on traffic and transport proposals, which closely resemble previous plans and can be located on pages 46, 47, and 101 of the latest Masterplan. Unfortunately, these proposals appear to have received support from Lancashire County Council Highways, as indicated in their consultation response from August 2023. Concerns also arise regarding the design proposals and the lack of information regarding the sequencing of construction.

Page 52-55 of the document suggest that all construction work could potentially occur simultaneously, involving five different developers!

The proposed “compensatory car parking” after parking is banned on Market Street is not compensatory since it will be open for all to use. Some of this is also proposed to be built on green belt and is too far away from residents homes, in the absence of a plan for phasing we can’t even be sure that it will be developed before parking spaces are taken away!!

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