Consultation with Council planners

On Tuesday 13th December, on a bitterly cold afternoon and evening, three members of Rossendale Council’s planning team including Mike Atherton, Head of Planning and Building Control, James Dalgleish who is responsible for the H66 site and Anne Storah, Principal Planner (Forward Planning) visited Edenfield Community Centre to answer questions posed by members of ECNF and other Edenfield residents.

They confirmed that the consultation period would be extended by 2 weeks, and that Taylor Wimpey was the sole contributor to the current Master Plan for Edenfield. They also confirmed that the Masterplan and Design Codes should be determined before any planning application can be considered. This is reiterated in their letter to ECNF dated 9th December where they state that the “planning application will not be decided until the Masterplan and Design Codes have been determined.”

Whilst we obviously take comfort from this, it is still vitally important that Edenfield residents object to the current planning application and Master Plan in the hope that we can work with the council and developers to have more sustainable development in Edenfield.

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