Local Plan update

The Inspectors have now issued their post Hearings letter to the Council which is available to view on the RBC website. The letter does not contain any views on the soundness of the Draft Local Plan due to the amount of information that the Inspectors still require from the Council before they can complete their assessment.

The timetable for provision of this information (Schedule of Actions) has also been made available on the RBC website. This indicates that it will take about six months for all the information to be provided.

Some proposed modifications to the Plan were agreed between the Inspectors and the Council during the Hearings and they have now been collated and are also available on the RBC website (List of Main Modifications).

The link for all of these documents is:

The Inspectors’ letter mentioned above, requests the Council to produce a revised indicative timetable for production of the Local Plan. Once this is published we will have a better idea of when to expect the Inspectors’ final views on the Plan and the effect it will have on the future of our village. We will give a further update after this timetable is published.

Public Examination Hearings Update

The Public Examination Hearings on the Rossendale Local Plan chaired by the independent Inspectors ended on 10th October after eighteen sessions spread over nine days. Our planning consultants and Forum representatives participated in thirteen of these sessions and Forum representatives observed the others. 

The Hearings concluded with the Inspectors requesting further information from the Council which they require before being able to make a decision on the soundness of the Plan. The Council had until 25th October to submit a timetable for providing the information on the list. The Inspectors will soon be able to issue their own timetable for the continuation of their review of the Local Plan and any other necessary actions such as any further public consultation.

It seems that it will be some time before we have a decision on Edenfield’s Green Belt. We will update the situation as and when we have further information.

Race Night – 23rd November 2019


At the Community Centre on Saturday 23rd November starting at 7.30pm. Potato Pie Supper will be served along with mushy peas.

Bring your own drink, glasses will be provided

The Race Night consists of showing ten recorded races with commentary, with no horse names just numbers and you can bet £1.00 per horse at varying odds and possibly win big!

All for just £8.00 per head

This is a fund raising event for the Forum to help continue the fight against Rossendale Council’s plan to build 456 new houses in the village. At the conclusion of the recent Public Examination of the Plan by government Inspectors the Council was required by the Inspectors to answer a long list of questions in the coming months in order that they (the Inspectors) can reach conclusions about the plan. We will need to be ready to take part in any future Public Examination in light of the Council’s responses to the questions. So come along have a good night and help the campaign

Tickets are available from Paul Bradburn on 01706 828507 or 07710 890722 or