Meeting Agenda – Monday 5th February 19:45

The next meeting of the Forum will be at 7.45pm on Monday 5th February at the Edenfield Community Centre. A meeting agenda is attached together with a copy of the minutes from the last meeting held on 5th December.

This meeting is being held earlier than anticipated due to the Steering Committee proposing some changes to the Constitution which require the approval of Forum members.

The proposed changes are:
Para 2.1. Deletion of “in partnership with the Council”
Para 3.1. The Area is changed from Eden Ward to Edenfield. As there is no existing definitive boundary to Edenfield the proposed boundaries are shown in appendix A.
Para 1.1 As a result of the change to the Area the name has been changed to “Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum”.

This is obviously a very significant change to the Forum which the Steering Committee considered to be necessary for it’s future successful operation.

The reasons will be discussed at the meeting.
Copies of the proposed revised Constitution and the Appendix A map are attached.

Minutes of ECNF meeting 5th December 2017
Agenda forECNF meeting 5th February 2018
Constitution – Appendix A (map)

Constitution (draft) (revised 19th January 2018)

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