238 houses is just the start!

Hello everyone, we’ve heard that some Edenfield residents have mentioned that they are pleased that only 238 houses will be built in Edenfield after we reported that the council has plans for approximately 450 new properties in the village.

Please be aware that the 238 houses proposed by Taylor Wimpey is only the start of the council-supported plans to develop in Edenfield. This is why it is so vital for the developers and council to join together and discuss their plans for Edenfield in their entirety.

Planning applications such as the one submitted by Taylor Wimpey alongside a Master Plan that does not include other developers or include a comprehensive plan to demonstrate the different phases of construction for the whole of Edenfield is creating the wrong impression, that the development “won’t be as bad as we feared”

Please remember that the 238 homes planned by Taylor Wimpey are “just the start”. Their plans include T-junctions at each end so that they can join up to development sites owned by other landowners.

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