About ECNF

Edenfield Community Neighbourhood Forum (ECNF) was been established by local residents who share a common purpose and objective to protect and enhance our neighbourhood. Our intention is to ensure that future development of Edenfield helps to make it the greenest, safest place to live, work and play that it can possibly be.

Forum members are individuals who either live or work in Edenfield.  We would welcome your membership; it takes 2 minutes. Our Constitution describes our objectives in more detail as well as the structure and organisation of the forum.

The Forum was originally setup to fight against the removal of large swathes of our village from Greenbelt to developable Greenfield land. Sadly, despite huge local opposition, we collectively lost that fight.

However, it’s not over yet. Rossendale Borough Councils Local Plan sets out 11 specific points for the H66 site in Edenfield. The problems and issues identified in that document were disregarded and kicked down the road repeatedly. Promises that all our concerns would be dealt with in a ‘Masterplan’ encompassing the whole H66 site and all developers, have now been broken (Nov 21st 2022).

The Forum believes it is vital for the residents and friends of Edenfield, that this does not go unchallenged, and that RBC are held to account. The myriad of problems and the inevitable chaos that will ensue is being ignored and overlooked. 

The proposed area covered by ECNF is shown in the image below.