CPRE article about Green Belt land

This is an interesting article describing 10 myths about the Green Belt from the CPRE.

Myth 1: Green Belt is an old fashioned idea and it’s time to pension it off
Myth 2: Green Belt is sacrosant and safe from development
Myth 3: Green Belt protection pushes house prices up
Myth 4: Green Belt has little or no environmental value
Myth 5: Green Belts only benefit people who own property within them rather than the wider public
Myth 6: Just building on a small proportion of Green Belt would leave us with more than enough
Myth 7: If we don’t allow development in the Green Belt, people will leapfrog it and commute in an unsustainable fashion from elsewhere
Myth 8: Green Belts have the effect of confining the urban poor to live at high densities in the cities
Myth 9: Green Belt policy leads to more land being used for golf courses than new housing
Myth 10: Green Belt stops any kind of development or beneficial land management at all so land is abandoned and neglected

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Edenfield Fete Pictures

On 9th June Edenfield was blessed with great weather and a bumper turn out at the village fete. ECNF was there and our stand proved popular with residents who were keen to hear our plans for taking control of the local plan.

We were grateful for all the new members as well as donations to the forum that we received on the day.

England’s fields are turning to concrete

This is an interesting article from today’s Daily Express. According to the article the amount of undeveloped greenfield land used for housing has soared by 58% in the last four years. The Council for the Protection for Rural England is calling for brownfield land to be used before any greenfield developments are approved.

Consultation Period Open for our Neighbourhood Forum Application

As you are probably aware the Forum Management Committee submitted our application for designation of the Forum to Rossendale Council on 23rd February. A few days later (and much earlier than we anticipated) the Council publicised this which started the six week consultation period. Our application and relevant information is on the RBC website at:


During the consultation period, comments on our application can be made to the Council. Comments can be submitted online at: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/RBCNHF/ . Please note that if you do not accept for the Council to hold your details on their database then you will not be allowed to complete the survey.

The first Forum newsletter has now been finalised and we expect to distribute this throughout Edenfield over the next two weeks. We are hoping that this will result in many more members joining us.

The next meeting of the Forum will be scheduled for sometime in May with the exact date to be advised in due course. At that time we will report on all of the work being done by the Management Committee. Hopefully by then we will also have a decision from the Council on our application for designation.

We’re not NIMBYs, we’re SLIMBYs

Alan Ashworth spotted this in last week’s Times Newspaper. I think that it summarises our position well. We aren’t “NIMBYs” (Not In My Back Yard), but “SLIMBYs” who simply want Something Logical in My Back Yard”.


The article is behind a paywall, but describes how developers’ focus on green belt land which is more profitable than brown-field sites. This ignores the fact that local infrastructures may not be suited to developments. When roads, schools, health and public utilities are at capacity, large-scale developments are simply not practical.

About Edenfield

Edenfield is a village within the borough of Rossendale in Lancashire, England. Edenfield lies in the Southern extremity of the Rossendale valley which  follows the course of the River Irwell towards Manchester. Edenfield has a population of approximately 2,000 people and 900 dwellings. The centre of Edenfield lies at the intersection of three A roads. The A676 to Bolton, The A680 between Accringron and Rochdale and the A56 between Rawtenstall and Bury. The M66 motorway terminates in Edenfield where it becomes the A56 dual carriageway (commonly referred to as the Edenfield by-pass).

Edenfield and Scout Moor
Edenfield Quarry and Scout Moor (Ian Roberts)

Edenfield is administered by Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire County Council and it forms part of the parliamentary constituency of Rossendale and Darwen. Edenfield’s name derives from “Aytounfeld” which means “Open Land by the farmstead on well watered land” and was first recorded in 1324. This description remains true to this day. Despite urbanisation throughout the the 19th and 20th centuries, it remains a pleasant open space and Rossendale’s climate ensures that it is “well watered”.

Edenfield Village Centre - geograph.org.uk - 399389
Edenfield Village Centre This is the centre of the village of Edenfield at the junction of Market Street,Bury Road and Rochdale Road. The number and type of shops in the village has varied over recent years, with an overall decline due to the increased mobility of the population and competition from nearby supermarkets; mainstays have been an independent baker, butcher and fish-and-chip shop. There are also two public houses – The Rostron Arms and The Coach.